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Ya estoy otra vez enredando con Flock. Leyendo las FAQs y guias de usuario de este programa me heencontrado con algunas cosas especialmente interesantes, que paso a copiar aqui (si alguien tiene problemas con el ingles, que no dude en preguntar):

Change the Address Bar Search Engine

Currently, when you type just a word in to the address bar, you are
taken to a Yahoo! search for that word. For example, I type in
“lightning” in the address bar and hit enter and the resulting page is
the Yahoo! search results for “lightning.”

Some folks might want to have this default to a different search
engine. This is very easy to do. Here is how to change the default to

* Type about:config in to the address bar

* Search for an option called keyword.URL

* Double-click on the option and change the value to http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=

How do I disable collection of anonymous usage metrics?

If you don’t wish to participate in Flock’s anonymous collection of
metrics, you can opt out during the installation process on Windows.
You can also disable metrics reporting in Flock at any time by
completing the steps below. (To read Flock’s privacy policy, click here.)

Warning: the Flock configuration window contains numerous settings
which, if incorrectly changed, may render Flock inoperable. Please
follow these instructions exactly as indicated to avoid this risk.

  1. In your browser’s urlbar, type “about:config” and press return.
  2. In the “Filter” textfield, type “flock.metrics.enabled”
  3. If no results appear in the result pane below:
    1. Context-click (right-click) to produce a context menu
    2. Select “New” and then “Boolean” from the resulting menu.
    3. When prompted, provide “flock.metrics.enabled” as the preference name
    4. Select “false” for the preference value.
    5. Restart Flock.
  4. If a value does appear in the result pane below, verify that it isset to “false” or context-click (right-click) and select “Toggle” totoggle it to false.

De momento son solo un par de ellos, pero espero ir actualizando el post cuando descubra mas trucos dignos de mencion 🙂

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