Urban Dictionary: a slang dictionary on line

Urban Dictionary is a slang dictionary with your definitions. You can look up the definitions using a web browser, but there’s other ways to check out Urban Dictionary. You can use these tools to access Urban Dictionary outside of your browser:

1.- By phone

If your cell phone has a WAP browser or can send email, there is a phone gateway to look up definitions from your phone.

2.- Through feeds

If you use an RSS reader, check out the Urban Dictionary feeds.

3.- On your web page

If you have a web page, you can put an auto-updating Urban Word of the Day on it.

4.- In your program

If you’re a programmer, use this API to look up definitions from your application.



  1. 1
    elvenbyte Says:

    Interesante como poco.


  2. 2
    DaniFP Says:

    Sip, viene muy bien para encontrar el significado de muchas palabras que no vienen en los diccionarios normales.


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