Check if your hardware is good for (Open)Solaris

This HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) lists systems and hardware components that are known to be compatible with Solaris and OpenSolaris, and the drivers and devices required.

If you do not find your hardware listed on that HCL, you can use one of the following tools to quickly estimate whether the Solaris OS is likely to work well with your hardware.

  • Sun Device Detection Tool: tells you whether the Solaris OS supports the devices detected in your x86 system. It runs on most popular x86 systems by simply clicking a link – you do not need to install anything.
  • Installation Check Tool: runs on any x86 system after you burn a CD and boot from it.

The OpenSolaris 2008.05 liveCD includes the Device Driver Utility (DDU), which is based on the Sun Device Detection Tool. To run the DDU, click on its icon after launching the liveCD.


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