– wonderful place with tons of learning videos

I have just discovered this great place which lists thousands of video lectures, presentations and tutorials about all sort of subjects (manly scientific and technological). All the contens hosted there are published by a Creative Commons License (Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0) unless noted otherwise. At the moment of writing this post, there are this categories and number of videos:

As you can see, Computer Science is clearly the most populated category, with far more videos in it than the others altogether. In my short visit to this site, I’ve added this videos to a list for watching them as soon as I can:


Conocí esta web gracias a este post: Charlas OnLine sobre Sistemas Inteligentes

Existe una gran variedad de sitios que permiten colgar videos en internet, como puedan ser YouTube, Veoh, Google Videos, etc. Sin embargo, desde el punto de vista científico, ha supuesto un gran avance al permitir agrupar videos de charlas científicas en una misma web. VideoLectures permite subir tanto videos de ponencias sueltas como los videos de una conferencia completa, por lo que podemos asistir “virtualmente” a algunas conferencias punteras a las que no hayamos podido asistir físicamente.



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    I have been collecting video lectures for more than 2 years now!

    I have collected maths, physics, computer science, biology, engineering and many other lectures!

    My blog is at Free Science Online.

    Peteris Krumins


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    DaniFP Says:

    Hey, you have two pretty good sites, they have earned a place in my Bookmarks 😉 Thanks!


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    brandon Says:



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