OpenSolaris and free software screencasts

If you are searching for information about how to install OpenSolaris, you should take a look at this vídeo tutorials by Sun MicroSystems. They show how you could install it on a Laptop that is now running Windows XP without erasing all of your hard drive and making a dual boot system.

If you are not interested in OpenSolaris, that resource could be still useful; for example, the 2nd screencast shows the use of G4U (a partition backup & cloning disk tool) and the third is about partitions and how to manage them with Gparted. Apart from the first all of them can teach you quickly some things about UNIX, no matter if you’re interested in Solaris or not.

There are lots of video tutorials about free software, as this list on mashable shows (by the way, in that site there is a HUGE list of open source applications). You can find there VTs for Linux, Gimp, NVU and OpenOffice. If you haven’t had enoght yet, there are more post related with videotutorials, like this (about all sort of programs and technologies) this one: 13 OpenSocial Video Tutorials and Educational Videos, or search in this list of tutorials related with web developers.

If you are willing to create your own VTs, check this list of 12 Screencasting Tools For Creating Video Tutorials

Mashable is definitly a gold mine, full of useful links (but it can make you spend too much time if you aren’t careful).



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