Great review of PC-BSD 7 by OSnews

If you’re planning on installing PC-BSD 7, or simply whant to know more about it, y strongly encourage you to read this review about it in It will guide you thorough the whole installation process and post-install configuration, and will prevent you from make any typical mistake in the process, giving you very usefull tips to help you configure your computer for two or more operative systems.

If you’re interested in UNIX from a user point of view, PC-BSD is a very good option. Quoting the article linked above:

I am thoroughly convinced that PC-BSD is the perfect choice for a newcomer to the unix world. It is very straight forward and it requires very little unix knowledge. Even though I mentioned a couple of caveats (eg. bootloader, primary partition), I doubt a new user who is installing on a fresh system will ever come across these issues. Even if someone does run into these issues, the solutions provided in this article should give them a starting point. The PC-BSD has a friendly and helpful community, they have an active forum where you can seek help from fellow PC-BSD users. The PC-BSD team has worked really hard on this release and the results are impressive. It is ready to challenge the main stream Operating Systems (Windows, OS X and Linux). I would encourage new users to try PC-BSD without any doubts. I would definitely recommend Linux gurus to give this distribution a chance and I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

By the way, if you want to try this OS but can’t or don’t want to modify your existing partitions, you can use a virtual machine. In the official page you can find a VMware image so you can run it over your current OS.



  1. 1
    christopher lyles Says:

    ok i liked the review. and i will be honest and upfront pc bsd 7 is better than linux i used ubuntu for 8 months solid and ubuntu was great for gaming,internet,chat,music thats about it, pc bsd 7 blows linux out of the water, for the pc set up i got i can say that the kde does perform good. load times could be better but pc bsd is pretty solid and i will admit that. windows has no chance of beating pc bsd. the only thing i would say is where is the support for sony psp’s?


  2. 2
    DaniFP Says:

    Sorry, I don’t know a thing about the PSP. You should ask in the official PC-BSD Forums, surelly you can find people able to help you there:


  3. 3
    kaddy Says:

    lol christopher… your comparing “Ubuntu” as Linux. to Pcbsd… Ubuntu is not Linux!
    it is a vlavour of Linux, Ubuntu is not the best Linux Distro to be comparing it to PcBsd. It would be more fair to compare something Like Opensuse11 to Pcbsd…. OpenSuse would win hands down.
    Although I like Pcbsd, but it doesn’t has as much hardware support out of the box as Linux.


  4. 4
    TrueLugia121 Says:

    i may not have tried the BSD range of Linux Distros before but i must say that PC-BSD and it’s

    derivatives are very interesting Linux Distros. let’s see….. erm, they all install like Linux….

    hmmmmmm, they al work like Linux… therefore they are al Linux Distributions. 5 Starts for the

    developers that make PC-BSD and it’s Derivatives the best Linux Distro Ever.


  5. 5
    computer forum Says:

    Nice article, I had experience of this before but wasnt this is nice to know


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