Linux: The Codebreakers – documentary about the Benefits of FOOS for development countries

This documentary may be interesting for my visitors, cause it is about the Benefits of FOOS (Free and Open Source Software) for development countries.

The crew of the independent producers who made the film went to nearly a dozen countries around the world to see how the adoption of FOSS presents opportunities for industry and capacity development, software piracy reduction, and localization and customization for diverse cultural and development needs.

Stories from The Codebreakers include computer and Internet access for school children in Africa, reaching the poor in Brazil, tortoise breeding programmes in the Galapagos, connecting villages in Spain, and disaster management in Sri Lanka. The documentary also includes interviews from key figures around the world.

This Video was produced by the Asia Pacific Development information Programme and it is available under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

For more information you can visit visit:

To download the full version visit

Or you can simply try this torrent file.


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