Mini-OpenSolaris LiveCD

MilaX is a small-size live-CD distribution which runs completely off a CD or a USB storage device. It is based on OpenSolaris Nevada and includes its basic features.

Originally started as an experiment to see how much OpenSolaris software could fit on a mini-CD, it eventually became a full-fledged OpenSolaris distribution. It is also possible to use MilaX as a rescue CD. It can be installed on storage media with a small capacity, including bootable business cards, USB flash drives, memory cards, Zip drives, etc.

The last version is MilaX 0.4 and is based on OpenSolaris snv114. For a mini distro (the ISO file is 104 MB in size), it is quite greedy: requires at least 256 MB RAM to boot into graphical mode (and it comes with FVWM, which is a light window manager). If you prefer to stick with the console, it “only” requires 128 MB RAM. I have to admit, though, that the graphical environment is really cool and far more attractive than other FVWM instances I’ve seen before.


Here is the release announcement.



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