800+ online courses, 19000+ videos from top 30+ universities

Freevideolectures is a huge directory of video classes and courses from top universities around the world. For starters, here you have a list of computer science and pogramming courses:

  1. Introductory Programming [University of Washington]
  2. Understanding Computers and the Internet [Harvard University]
  3. Computer System Engineering
  4. Data Structures
  5. Introduction to Algorithms
  6. Machine Structures
  7. Computer Language Engineering
  8. Introduction to Copy Right Law
  9. Operating Systems and Systems Programming [OS]
  10. Programming Languages
  11. Introduction to Symbolic Programming
  12. Vision Algorithms
  13. Computer System Analysis
  14. Object oriented programming with Java
  15. Relational Database Management Systems [RDBMS]
  16. Introduction to Programming
  17. C Programming
  18. Programming in C++
  19. C++ for Particle Physicists
  20. programming with JAVA
  21. JAVA, Advanced JAVA
  22. ASP.NET AJAX and 2.0
  23. SQL Server 2005
  24. Python, Java, Ruby, Linux, Graphics, Blender etc…
  25. MSVC Debugger Tutorial

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